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Carolyn’s first cold

April 27, 2010

Carolyn has been a bit stuffy for a few days and we thought it was the pollen. She has been increasingly irritable so I took her temp and while elevated was just under a true fever. To be safe I took her to the doctor and she was just as happy and pleasant as can be. She is 16lbs 14oz now! The doctor said that she caught a little cold because she is always putting things in her mouth to relieve her teething and picked up germs. Her nose is running and stuffy at times. Her snore got really loud too. She screams when she eats and the doctor said the stuffed nose / congestion makes her teething pain that much worse. She is doing fine without Tylenol and we were told only to contact the doctor if she worsens. After returning from the doctor and having a snack she scooted herself across the living room floor. She was rolling on her side to look up at me and was reaching for toys. As I moved them further away she kept inching towards them. Amazing determination. Tonight she is feeding slowly because of the pain but Michael has found that beat boxing really helps capture her focus so she is not thinking about it and lets her drink easier. Poor baby


Whole Foods visit

April 26, 2010

Snoozing at Whole Foods

Carolyn took another visit to Whole Foods after the food festival. She loves it and is so happy while we cruise around the store, looking at the lights, food, and people. I pushed her around the store for photo ops with the iPhone and liked this one best.

Absolutely beautiful day and International Food Festival

April 25, 2010

The weather was stormy across most of the US including Atlanta yesterday. I had wanted to attend the International Food festival that day but luckily they decided to extend it another day. I had signed up online so I got notification that it was on Sunday too. We have not been to downtown Suwanee and it not too far away so we decided to give it a try. The square is lovely and they have a great park in front with fountains to run through. Parking was super convenient. This will definitely be a spot for us to go to in the future with Carolyn. Closer than Centennial park. Enjoyed the chicken and couscous at the Morrocan restaurant, Polish pierogis and sausage, Baklava, and all American cookies. There was live music and our favorite was the Polish band that was a nice fusion of modern and Polish sounds. Some of our favorite restaurants are located there with nice patios so we will have to make the trek another day. They are supposed to have great trails nearby too. It was super breezy like you were at the beach.  Carolyn got to experience new wonderful smells but consumed only her bottle today. Another nice outing with the family.

Playtime with Max

April 24, 2010
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Carolyn had a great time when Max and his parents came over to play on Saturday. Because Max is about 7 months old she how if she kept working at her exercises, could be capable of in the near future. Max is very advanced so she has a tough act to follow. He was sitting up perfectly and crawling. He is a strong and very happy boy. He also drank his entire bottle in a few minutes. Carolyn ate half as much and took 30 minutes to drink it. He loved the musical instruments and taking apart the foam floor squares. She liked checking him out and reaching for him. He was pursuing Cyber and she kept backing up a bit intimidated. I thought that it was a good introduction for Cyber about what was to come later this year. It was great to have the good company and have our toys put to great use!

Dog Wash

April 24, 2010
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The entire family went on an excursion to the do it yourself dog wash. Both dogs were pollen  puffs and were not nice to pet anymore. The place is perfect because you get your own stall so all of us were contained. Carolyn was with Dad while I scrubbed both pups. She really enjoyed watching the entire process. She did not like when the dogs would shake the water off. We rinsed her feet so it was her bathtime as well. Best part is they supply lots of towels, I don’t have to clean up afterwards, and there is no wet dog smell in the house. That Dirty Dog was very accomodating and helped us get the clan back into the car. When we put her in bed she was totally exhausted and had a bit of raspy breathing through her nose. I hope the exposure to so much dog hair is not a bad thing!  Michael and I agree that these outings are very good for her especially because she wants to touch and interact with everything now.

My first meeting with our financial advisor

April 23, 2010

Carolyn accompanied us to Schwab today. There is a great man who helps us on our accounts and he went above and beyond today.  She was relatively entertained for the hour and a half thanks to Daddy. She hates being in her car seat for too long so taking her out usually calms her down. (We probably need to not give in as much) We did have to give her a little formula near the end to calm down and she passed out to sleep. Good girl! Poor Schwab, they did not know what was going to hit them today.

Ps she also enjoyed the termite inspector visits.

First Pedicure

April 23, 2010

Carolyn and I met Amy and her Mom at Nail Season . Because Carolyn was in a particularly good mood  despite her tooth pains now and then I decided to try a full pedicure. She liked looking at all of the people, the soothing water sounds, and of course the TV playing Madonna videos in the corner. Luckily she did not pick up on the fact that I was uneasy as always when anyone approaches my feet with sharp objects. The employees were great and held her and helped keep her entertained. It was a nice outing. I did not dare attempting grocery shopping afterwards – not pressing my luck!