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New Years and welcome home Cyber!

January 2, 2010

Mom and Dad graciously gave up a New Years celebration party to celebrate with us and enable us to go out for the evening and better yet, sleep in the next day. They also took down all of the Christmas decor and worked on other projects. Carolyn has periods of being so easy to care for combined with binge eating and gassy/fussy periods. We booked a consultation next week with a pediatric nurse at our home to get reassurance, confidence and ideas to try to make sure that we are doing our best to take care of her. Hopefully I can post our progress next week! We took a short trip out and bought letters to spell her name in the nursery. Grandad and I walked both dogs with the stroller. It is still too much to walk all three of our kids with just one person. Cyber is very concerned about Carolyn. She is pacing my office as I type this. She gave her signature “wookie” call when she was crying. She sits by our side when we feed Carolyn. Hopefully she will be at more ease soon.  It is so nice to have our well trained good girl and nap buddy back home. I am thankful for her companionship during my bed rest.

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