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Summary of month one

January 2, 2010

The purpose of this blog is to document our families experiences so that we can look back on the special times with Carolyn. Things to remember about Carolyn this first month:

  • Snoozing in sleep sacks cuddled like a frog
  • Cute little donkey-bray breathing
  • Everlasting hiccups
  • Cute excitement noises when you are about to feed her
  • Cute anticipation noises when she senses that it is time for a burp
  • Hands over head or shoulder while napping
  • How comfortable she is in all of our arms
  • How tiny her feet, hands, and diapers were
  • Her not so subtle signals that she was hungry
  • Her wide-eyed gazes
  • How she would push off of your hands and scoot herself across the play mat
  • Her sharp little nails
  • How she would use her hands to keep her pacifier in place
  • Middle of the night gazes at her adorable face
  • Some baby acne
  • Her cute rage cry
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