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Consultation Summary

January 4, 2010

We were both delighted to have a nurse consultant visit us today to go over the basics of making Carolyn as happy as she can be. We received a demonstration, book, and DVD — and ability to email her directly for 6 months with questions.

Carolyn received a manicure, facial, scalp massage, bath, diaper installed to perfection, and a soothing wrap.

We received a refresher demonstration of day to day care activities and for situations that have not occurred yet. We also have a rigid time schedule to follow which should give us and Carolyn optimal structure and order to our day.  Not that this was lacking. 🙂

There were quite a few things that we learned that we should do the exact opposite of what we were doing.  We were glad to know that all of our current gear is usable in this new program.

How wonderful to get insight from such an experienced and knowledgeable professional!

We are pleased to have a plan and to try something new.

Learning to bathe

Cyber was also a good student and watched everything that was shown.

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