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Day 1 Carolyn Boot Camp

January 4, 2010

As soon as the pediatric consultant left, we did the following:  re-read the book we were provided, watched the DVD, and set reminder alarms for each of the scheduled activities.

We figure she is so exhausted from the spa treatments earlier and the new experiences that she would be exhausted and do well tonight and tomorrow night would be the hardest…. we hope.

We realize many of the techniques that a lot of practice and three arms would be extremely helpful. How did Laura make it look so easy? The swaddle procedure is challenging because it is very different than the swaddle we learned in class.

I ran to CVS for a few items to help relieve her skin issues while Michael cooked dinner. Tonight she has baby skin again. Fantastic improvement.

We did very well for a first attempt, however, it took both of us to get through the steps. It is also tough to get up off the floor after bathing and playing with her. Time to buy cushions! Organization is key. And sleep to keep your head about you. Funny how putting “her on a schedule” actually means putting Mom and Dad on a schedule!

It will be interesting to see how she handles the evening schedule. It could be a very tough night for all of us.

Challenge for tomorrow is to try to do all of these things solo!

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