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Building Strength in Babyhood

January 19, 2010
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It was beneficial to attend the building strength in babyhood class today. It was my first time out alone with Carolyn and the car seat. Carrying the car seat from the parking deck was quite heavy and a good workout. Next time I am definitely bringing the stroller! Before pregnancy and baby in tow, I always took the stairs, but now I really appreciate elevators!  She snoozed most of class and was very calm in the car and in transport. It was a small group so we got one on one instructions and got to ask any questions we wished. Carolyn was used as the volunteer for demonstrations. Because it was her naptime, she was very sleepy and did not perform like she could. Yes, I know I sound like a stage Mom.  She favors laying on her right side (looking left) so we need to encourage her to hold her head center or left more often. We don’t have to be concerned about encouraging her to move (scoot and climb) as much, except a little for gas relief.  Some new things to try are to balance her on the exercise ball and hold her under her arms and encouraging her to press down on the ground with her legs / feet. Sometimes it is just great to hear that you are doing the correct things to challenge her.  We took a nice walk this afternoon because it was about 60 degrees today. Today gave me confidence in taking her out and directed me towards the most beneficial tummy time. What a great day!

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