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GI Progress

January 20, 2010

We proudly announce that Carolyn is becoming more confident in her gas passing. She goes through sessions where she likes to have her tummy rubbed and legs supported so she can do so. Other times she just does it confidently on her own. I figure this will be one of the most embarrassing posts for her to read later in life.

It makes me think of one of my favorite Tom Petty songs, “Learning to fly”, but substituting “fart” for fly.  Yes, sleep deprivation makes you a bit crazy.  Hopefully she will grow out of this advanced skill later in life.

Today was so warm she wore  a short sleeve onesie — thank goodness she has a lot of variety in her wardrobe.

Cybie got groomed today at the new groomer that did such a nice job on Chobe.  But…she looks pretty hideous.  At least she is clean and won’t need grooming for quite awhile because she was cut so short.  Two funny things: The groomer said we would get a special discount for bringing in a second dog for grooming, and she called him Chubbie and not Chobe.  Poor guy.  Also, Chobe barked at Cyber today when she came home because he did not recognize her looks or smell because Cyber’s cut was so bad.  We are not sure if he has figured out that it is Cyber or if he thinks I brought home a new dog.  Maybe Chobe is correct and this is not Cyber?

Off to Carolyn’s bathtime! Ok, I have to add what Chobe did today to make me laugh (he makes me laugh each day without fail).  Tonight, he watched the bath activities along with Cyber. He picked up her soiled diaper on the floor of the bathroom and circled a few time as he does and stuck it in Cyber’s face as a way of saying “look what I have and you don’t.” Cyber was not impressed so he flung it in the corner.  They all enjoy bath time but it gets awfully crowded in her small bathroom!

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  1. Grandpa permalink
    January 20, 2010 9:10 pm

    So now it is Chubbie and Farty, or maybe Wendy.

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