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5 o’clock and all is well

January 21, 2010

I have never been so glad to be awake at 5am. Michael asked me if I had heard or fed Carolyn yet and I said no — did you? He said no. She woke up at 1:50 am to our dismay crying. She had wiggled both arms out of the swaddle and was wide awake. He tightly reswaddled her and she cried for awhile. That is the last I recall. Good news is, that she fell asleep and did not wake again until 6am. WOW. I got everything prepared at 5am just waiting for her first cry which I figured would be panicked and angry. I got in a good hour’s worth of work around the house before she woke. She was not too upset but drank one and a half ounces more than usual. During her playtime she practiced her new exercise. I held her under her armpits and she pushed down on my legs with her feet. I did not have to encourage her, she just did it naturally. It is amazing that if you show her something you want her to do once she seems to remember the next time you put her in the situation and she tries it. Smart girl.

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