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February 1, 2010

I have not posted in forever so here is the latest: Upon return from a nice break for a few days to watch the pirates once again invade and takeover Tampa and some beach time we could not believe how big Carolyn looks. We missed her very much and although the rest was great, we were very glad to return to her. I read some books outloud to and from to learn what to expect and suggested activities for the next few months with Carolyn. Every place we visited was a great place for a little one and we can’t would like to return with Carolyn. St. Pete beach is a great “starter” beach, it has very small waves that lap the shore, clean white soft sand, and great amenities nearby. Homosassis wildlife park is fantastic too, great walkway, boat ride, etc.  We are very greatful for my parents for keeping her those days and especially the nights! They sent us photos daily that helped. She is smiling now and LOVES her animals that turn above her in her swing. She also likes the reflective mirror that swings from the top of her playmat. She had her first shots today and was a trouper. She is a little upset about them now and I can tell we won’t sleep much tonight. I gave her Tylenol and took her for a walk, hopefully that will help. She is well on track for height and weight and for some reason is in a high decile in head size. 🙂 Not sure what that means, hopefully a big healthy brain!  I went to physical therapy again today and hope that I will be able to continue to heal my wrists soon enough to take care of her better. I guess I better stop typing!

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