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Tummy trouble

February 3, 2010

Carolyn has an upset tummy today. I called the doctor this afternoon because we have been through more diapers than I would like. As long as she is hydrated and eating, they said we just need to wait it out. I figured it was just a coincidence that it started after receiving her first round of shots, but it was nice to double check. She had some nice moments today as she gazed at the mirror I hung above her other playmat. We got good video too. She had some fussy fits starting around noon and is putting both hands and arms up often and touching her face trying to soothe I think. Kind of like Vivian Leigh in gone with the wind. She is not very comfortable. She is very pleased to be swaddled and calms down until her next feeding round. She stops her feeding early and throws up her hands and protests, then cries that she is hungry and resumes eating. Poor dear. She and I ventured out for the first time in the car with the stroller and walked on a gravel park trail this afternoon instead of the surrounding neighborhoods. It was good practice to use the car seat and operate the stroller. She was very patient and liked the bumpier ride enough to snooze. She only cried when we were enroute back home. I hope the bumpy ride did not upset her stomach more! Her first temperature reading was  slightly elevated but not anything to be concerned about. That is not a pleasant experience and lets just say I am doing laundry tonight to take care of the mess. I am ordering more disposable changing pad covers tomorrow, they are very handy. I know, not very green of me, but she does not go through that many … usually. Time for bed now because I am concerned that it might be a troubled one for her. Sleep peacefully little angel.

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