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Superbowl Weekend update

February 7, 2010

Carolyn is becoming much more interactive in her playtimes. She is mimicking a bit especially the tongue thrust. Our pediatrition had told us that tongue thrusts would be frequent for a few weeks and then stop -nice she told us to expect that or we would be worried that we taught her a bad habit for life!  She tries harder than ever to push off and hold her head up. She likes kicking the sides of her playmat arch supports to make the mirror above and dangling toys sway. She is consistently having to be awaken at 6:30am  so she is sleeping through the night and is going to qualify for the new “Mom’s on Call” schedule very soon. She is not sleeping as soundly during the day, but maybe that is because she is sleeping so much better at night. Her melatonin has kicked in. I got smart and bought a frog shape foam pad that is a bath cushion to avoid having to use / transport / and wash a wet towel each day. Loaded up on burp cloths and other waterproof items to prepare for the upcoming drool the pediatrician also warned us about. I bought her a few baby proof books, ones she can drool on etc. I can tell her favorite will be the one with mirrors. She half paid attention to it today.  We have laxed her last nap shift in the evening to allow her to nap on us instead of being swaddled in her crib. That is probably what we will do tonight so she can enjoy the Superbowl pre-game shows.  No favorites or predictions for the game.

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