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Granduation to New Time Schedule

February 9, 2010

We decided to start off the week right advancing to level 2 of the Moms on call program knowing well that the asterisk for the program is that the advancement to a new level will result in a 3 day transition or break in period. It involves shifting every scheduled nap and feeding. Yikes! This is good brain training. Well, this is the latest… She easily slept both days through to her later wakeup time — that is in the genes from both Michael and I. She seemed happier all day but would get tired and cranky the last 5 min of play time — Kind of like the end of a day on jet lag when the adrenaline runs out. We were amazed at how well she transitioned smoothly on day one! We even ate out at one of our favorite restaurants with Mom and Dad and she was very good. When she was not dozing stared at the pretty lights on the ceiling of F2O. The challenging part was after the bath you were supposed to entertain her for quite a while before eating. We ended up feeding half the bottle and then storytime and then the rest of the bottle. We kept her up until when we were supposed to and were both exhausted. I am so glad I found the book with mirrors on every other page. That is about her attention span right now and besides the lights of the nursery would hold her gaze. She finished off her bottle and was very calm. After swaddling she screamed for what seemed like forever. We followed the instructions and reswaddled her, checked diaper, inserted gripe water. Beyond pacifier repair. After doing all we could do we let her cry it out. Luckily she stopped crying and not a peep the rest of the night.  Overall, yesterday and today were a huge success. Maybe tonight she won’t cry as long. I got an email response to my questions from the consultant and we will try them tonight. Fingers crossed. Puppets that I ordered arrived today and a few other dangling toys to keep her entertained.  Chobe is enchanted with all of her toys. He thinks he is in doggy heaven. Cyber is on vacation with Mom and Dad while we get through the time schedule transition period. This should help cut down on her occasional loud outbursts that wake Carolyn. We miss her terribly, but appreciate the peace and quiet.

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  1. February 10, 2010 7:01 am

    Wow, this would make a very interesting book at some point – are you keeping day to day records?

    • February 10, 2010 9:50 pm

      Hee Hee Ha ha. Funny Steve. It would not be a very interesting book. I am trying to keep a day to day record to remember details of the precious fleeting moments. So many people say it is all a blur and they don’t remember so I wanted to jot it down before I forgot. I think Carolyn would find it interesting one day. It is also good to review and journal each day to think of the fun, challenges, and progress of her growth. Amazing changes each day.

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