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Strolling through the downstairs

February 10, 2010

Thank you Carolyn for making it from 9pm to the 7am feeding!  She was crying at 3:30am and we both were surprised.  She had wiggled out of her swaddle — both arms out and was waving them around. Her hands usually get cold when she does this and it upsets her. She has not done this is a while, but she is getting stronger and this is inevitable. (The consultant said month 3 or 4 we stop the swaddling because she is too strong for it to hold. I hope we can swaddle a little longer just because it makes her feel so secure. One of her reflexes kicks in and she gets very subdued – sometimes followed by a bit of crying, but usually it leaves her relatively calm).  We decided to undo the diaper and reswaddle – a “full service.”  Michael said her diaper was very heavy and it was good that we changed her.  She calmed down quickly after putting her back in her crib and went back to sleep.  A relief for all of us.

I concluded today that moving her favorite mirror and surrounding her with 5 mirror toys was a bit of an overload.  I was attempting to get her to gaze as much to the right as to the left so I moved her best mirror friend from the center and it confused her because she could not find it. This did answer the question of whether she sees the red mylar balloon I got her which is usually above that mirror.  She is fascinated by its gentle motions and of course its shiny reflection.

I went for a follow up at the cardiologist today, once for blood and once for ultrasound. Waiting rooms are a great time to catch up on email and Facebook.  Can’t wait to have a break from doctor visits. I stopped at the store and got low sodium supplies and made spaghetti, sloppy joes, and chili. Three meals, only one mess in the kitchen!  Publix is great and labels products with a tag if they are low sodium so it is easier to pick them out.

New tub strategy: I sat in the tub next to her baby tub today. It was easier to reach her and she could keep a better eye on me. Michael came up with this strategy yesterday.  The consultant recommended that we get in the water with her in the bathtub — um, no , not going to happen. Sitting in the dry tub is a lot more practical.

The wind continues to howl outside and there were light snow flurries today. Too windy and cold for a walk. She was only happy in her swing for a few minutes today – at least it gave me time to let Chobe out and fix his breakfast. I brought her spiffy stroller indoors and wheeled her around the downstairs. It worked because she calmed down in a minute or so.  I called to Chobe to follow us so he would get some exercise too.  He would do a playful lap around another piece of furniture because he was moving faster than we were.  Chobe would stop and pick up her rattles from her play mat and carry them with him as we went around.  I will have to put all her toys in the sanitizer when she starts playing with them!

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