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Early rising and a great walk

February 11, 2010

Carolyn woke at 5:30 today and not sure why. I reswaddled and changed her and she continued to cry.

My alarm went off 15 minutes after she dozed. Oh, well, there are good days and bad days. 5:30 is not too bad.

Another physical therapy appointment in the am, I can tell it is slowly helping. Walked with a few moms at a park in the afternoon. They are very nice and we walked two and a half miles, doesn’t sound like much but I have only done 1 mile walks and it was thick and muddy on the trail – with good hills. All good fun. And trying to socialize too. 🙂 Carolyn was lulled to sleep or rest by the motion, she is great in the stroller.

She is grabbing things now and reaching. She holds onto you or your shirt when changing her, etc. She is more and more expressive with priceless smiles. I think it is Michael’s smile. 🙂

Snow predicted tomorrow – sooo excited. I have her “snow baby” outfit ready in case.

ps, please sleep longer tonight Carolyn!

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  1. Grandpa permalink
    February 11, 2010 9:41 pm

    really good that you can get some exercise, and socialize too.

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