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Renewed hope for a more peaceful evening

February 13, 2010

We heard back from the nurse quickly. Bless her! She gave us a new evening / night time schedule to try.  She thinks we might be missing her window of opportunity to fall asleep. I had read something similar to this and wondered if that was it. We were too concerned that she might not sleep long enough and need to get her to sleep even earlier. Kind of like having to catch a train or wait for the next one. Once you miss it, you can’t fall asleep. Hopefully she will fall asleep easier and sleep through the night as well. She said give it three days and then if no improvement, it might be time to stop swaddling. Because she is still soothes by swaddling we transition from it as a last resort. She is not wiggling out of the swaddle too much now, she is just laying there crying. Stopping swaddling takes three difficult nights of adjustment as well.

We have renewed hope that this will give our girl a more restful evening! I will post about it tomorrow

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