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3 Months old!

March 2, 2010

Our little sweeheart is no longer an infant. That is sad but wonderful as she is also activating as a human being. The 4th trimester is over. The vocalizations, smiles, expressions are delightful. She swatted at toys today and loves grasping hanging links on her play yard. She grabs both hands in front of her and found her left hand to be very soothing when two fingers are inserted in her mouth. The sound of her soothing herself is just priceless. She is behaving wonderfully on walks and on most dinner outings. She is sleeping consistently from 8:45 until 7am. We had a great time sharing experiences at brunch with Kathy, Eric, Max, and Steve. The last few days she has become increasing ly grumpy and ate a few more ounces than usual. A growth spurt perhaps? Tonight we tried putting her in her crib at 8 instead to see if that helps. Unfortunately she is still wimpering on and off. I have sent a note to the nurse to see if we are on the right track. I think it might be that we are missing the sleep train and need her to be going to sleep even sooner. Closer to 7pm. I learned two interesting things that might be related: The pancreas function is responsible for the ability to sleep through the night. It regulates blood sugar which prevents dips and hunger in the middle of the night. Also, the body releases cortisol in response to being up later which perpetuates less sleep because it causes you to stay awake. It is the opposite of what you think,  later to bed does not help ensure a long slumber. Early to bed, early to rise makes a person wealthy, healthy, and wise. I know that is not the quote but its close. 🙂    Time to see what we can do to make Carolyn settle down. Could be that she did not use the restroom today.

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