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Rollover and Progress at Nightime

March 17, 2010

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Carolyn has not scratched her face much lately as she is learning to cope with not being swaddled at night. We have kept a close eye on her with our infrared webcam. She is very active at night for about two hours before settling down. She sucks a few fingers on one hand and throws pitches with the other. She also lifts her legs in the air and moves around quite a bit.We asked the nurse and she said that we are doing the right thing and to let her have time to cope. She also reassured us that she is getting enough rest without getting swaddled at night.

We took a nice morning stroll before the rain today. Later we met up with a group of other Moms at Golden Corral today. (Something I never thought I would do or say) Carolyn enjoyed all the lights and the bright colors on the food display, had to loop twice with the stroller. She liked sitting at the table watching the other little ones.

I went to a market research study on baby swings this afternoon after another nice physical therapy treatment for my wrists. They asked me if I was opinionated when I called to express my interest in participating . Hard not to laugh at that question. I might be a permanent fixture in their database. I provided good input on Carolyn’s experience with swings and what features we like and don’t like. Tomorrow I am going there to do a stroller survey. This could be really fun if they have studies on toys and other baby items in the future when I could bring her to test them too. 🙂

She has done partial turns from her stomach to back using her head and legs and gravity to pull herself over. Every day I have worked with her a few times a day laying beside her to encourage her to lift her head higher and for longer periods of time. She enjoys being propped up on her forearms on the edge of the couch, a new vantage point of the dog from above. Today I placed her on her back on a blanket and gently rolled her onto her stomach. She held her head higher than ever before and almost immediately rolled over on her back. I love the look of “wow” on her face while the result of her actions are processed by her brain. We tried to document it with video too. She only did it three times before she got so tired she could not roll over and she got frustrated and started her swimming motion on all fours. I let her rest in between on her back. It is very fun to see her progress.

A few loads of laundry, ran/ emptied the dishwasher. Time for a TV program and bed, its been a long fun day!  — no bowel movement within 24 hours. It may not be a pleasant evening or early morning.

Carolyn and Chobe

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  1. Grandpa permalink
    March 17, 2010 9:19 pm

    Good to see continual progress, and you getting to do new interesting things too.

  2. Heather (Broughton) Marks permalink
    March 18, 2010 9:55 pm

    Oh my goodness, Beau is doing this too…sortof!!! He actually starts on his back and then rolls to his side. For the past two days he has gotten very frustrated because he could only get to his side and his little arm kept him from rolling all the way. He just didn’t understand what was keeping him from rolling all the way over!
    Today, he figured it out and has rolled totally over from back and onto tummy!! He has done it four times now! He then is pretty happy on his tummy for a little bit until he gets tired and frustrated and wants no more of tummy time. (Although we just met him last week, we have quickly learned that he is no fan of tummy time!)

    Mom just directed me to this blog and I will have to keep checking back in! I really ought to start one for him or revive my old, old blog! Loved seeing that video. So great!!

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