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Cures for Constipation and Facial Rash

March 25, 2010

I learned how to solve two important issues that were making Carolyn miserable, constipation and a face and head rash and flakiness.  Her doctor and nurse recommended juice. Pear by Gerber is doing the trick. 2 oz in am and 1 oz in afternoon. She is going regularly daily now. Poor dear, she went almost 3 1/2 days last week without relief!

A warm bath several times a day allowed her to pass it along with the bit of fiber in the juice. At first she refused to take the juice from a bottle and we had to give it to her like medicine with a dropper. Thankfully now she has realized that it is great stuff and she will drink it from a bottle.

Her face was crusty and covered in rash worse than usual on Tuesday morning and we saw her doctor about it. She recommended acid mantle cream from a compounding pharmacy. It took a few hours to concoct and $60 later she had her miracle cream. We started using a humidifier in her room too. To our amazement on Wednesday when we woke her she had brand new baby skin! We have even put it on her scalp. What we thought was possibly cradle cap was actually dry skin. No wonder she did not like her head combed aggressively. Poor dear. Now she has perfect skin with a combination of this cream and Aquaphor on her senstive eye area. She has her 4 month physical next Tuesday, but glad I took her in to get a consult on these two pressing concerns.

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  1. Grandpa permalink
    March 28, 2010 11:02 pm

    It is amazing how much better Carolyn looks.

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