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Within Her Grasp

March 28, 2010

Carolyn is really enjoying her playtime and interacting with her world more by reaching and grabbing toys. It is very fun to see her more active and interested in her surroundings. Her playtime is a triad of experiences in the bouncer seat with toys for stimulating her senses and mind, time on her tummy for holding her head up and rolling, and time on her back playing with dangling links and kicking her favorite toy that makes music when she hits it. She loves light up and musical toys like her artificial flowers that make music when she hits them. The Fisher Price musical band toy is so much fun for her. She will bang on the keyboard and symbols. She grabbed the tags on the taggie ball. Today she was rolling from side to side by pulling on the links on her playard. Smart girl. Took a walk with Chobe and Carolyn before the rains today and used her new her carrier which she enjoyed very much. I like the look on her face when we try something new. She looks at me as if to say “WOW.”  Chobe likes to join in her playtimes and it is tough to keep him busy with his toys and not grab her toys.

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