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April 16, 2010

Carolyn and I signed up for Gymboree last week. It is about an hour of activities and songs for little ones. It is pretty much just like the Modern Family episode so I think it is hysterical. The place is full of bright nauseating colors. The mascot is a creepy clown called Gymbo. Despite these drawbacks, I think it is very good for her to be in these situations. She can interact with other infants around her age. Most in this group of birth – 6 month babies are around 6 months. It will take me a while to memorize some of the songs. The first time she went she seemed to be totally overwhelmed and went to her “happy place” by staring at me and sucking her fingers nervously. She seemed more comfortable at the second visit. The best parts were when they bring a big mirror to the center of the room and the babies lay on their stomachs at the edge and look at each other. There are bright balls rolled on the surface to keep their interest. The first time she held her head up for awhile and then it came crashing down. She does this for a long time at home with no problem, I guess it is performance anxiety. The second time she held it up for a long time checking out the rest of the group. She also loved the brightly colored parachute being raised and lowered above her and the breeze it creates. Although most of the activities involve disinfected toys there are quite a few parts that freak me out germ-wise. Rolling my daughter on the large rolling toy after all the other drooling babies, yuck! I learned that you should sit very close to the instructor so your child can participate as one of the earliest when it is drier. The best part of Gymboree is that it is 3 minutes from my house and worth the outing to expose her to these social and stimulating situations. No I will not buy a Gymbo doll and yes she smiles at him that is great, but she also smiles at odd things at our house that are far less creepy.  🙂

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