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Cutting teeth

April 18, 2010

Carolyn was crying miserably during one of her nap times today. When we investigated it had been 3 days since a bowel movement and she was kicking and had her fingers in her mouth. I put her in a warm tub and gave her a bit more apple juice. After initially calming down she starting crying again and when she did I looked in her mouth and could not believe that I saw the tops of two little incisors. The doctor said that they were on their way at her 4 month visit because the gums were tough and not soft –but we knew the timing was anyone’s guess. That would explain her strange discomfort and antsy behavior on occasion with eating the past few weeks. Her drool has been consistent but not too bad. We have tried the frozen washcloth, frozen popcycle bag and teething toys and none has been interesting, if anything, they are annoying or startling to her. I will try her refrigerated teething ring later this afternoon and frozen bottle nipples to feed her. We will try the day and night Oragel I also have on hand. Poor baby!

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