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Our big healthy baby

April 18, 2010

Carolyn is rolling from her back to stomach at night regularly. When I go to get her in her crib she is often in a state of doing push ups. She is holding her head high and very well for quite a while now, especially when there is something interesting like one of her puppies to look at or a toy.  She is napping a few hours in the am and pm still. She is grabbing objects more and is getting more coordinated in her movements. She loves grabbing and pulling all the petals off flowers and blooms. She is as large as the 6 or 9 months old in her playgroups. Everyone is surprised to hear how young she is. She is still not comfortable in the bumbo seat too long. She complains more about being scrunched in the car seat too. Now that she is more interested in her environment we have made it a point to get her out more. She loves to stand up and dislikes sitting or laying down on her back now. Places to go and people to see I guess! Time for her breakfast!

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