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Absolutely beautiful day and International Food Festival

April 25, 2010

The weather was stormy across most of the US including Atlanta yesterday. I had wanted to attend the International Food festival that day but luckily they decided to extend it another day. I had signed up online so I got notification that it was on Sunday too. We have not been to downtown Suwanee and it not too far away so we decided to give it a try. The square is lovely and they have a great park in front with fountains to run through. Parking was super convenient. This will definitely be a spot for us to go to in the future with Carolyn. Closer than Centennial park. Enjoyed the chicken and couscous at the Morrocan restaurant, Polish pierogis and sausage, Baklava, and all American cookies. There was live music and our favorite was the Polish band that was a nice fusion of modern and Polish sounds. Some of our favorite restaurants are located there with nice patios so we will have to make the trek another day. They are supposed to have great trails nearby too. It was super breezy like you were at the beach.  Carolyn got to experience new wonderful smells but consumed only her bottle today. Another nice outing with the family.

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