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My first giggle

April 22, 2010

While changing her outfit on the changing table she reached out and vocalized to her dog “Skittles” her aunt gave her. He has a very unique yarn-like texture to his fur. I walked the dog up and down near her and he gave her kisses on her forehead and each time she would do the cutest little giggle. We tried catching it on video but she only giggled one more time because she became fixated on the camera. We hope it is one of many giggles to come!


Cutting teeth

April 18, 2010

Carolyn was crying miserably during one of her nap times today. When we investigated it had been 3 days since a bowel movement and she was kicking and had her fingers in her mouth. I put her in a warm tub and gave her a bit more apple juice. After initially calming down she starting crying again and when she did I looked in her mouth and could not believe that I saw the tops of two little incisors. The doctor said that they were on their way at her 4 month visit because the gums were tough and not soft –but we knew the timing was anyone’s guess. That would explain her strange discomfort and antsy behavior on occasion with eating the past few weeks. Her drool has been consistent but not too bad. We have tried the frozen washcloth, frozen popcycle bag and teething toys and none has been interesting, if anything, they are annoying or startling to her. I will try her refrigerated teething ring later this afternoon and frozen bottle nipples to feed her. We will try the day and night Oragel I also have on hand. Poor baby!

Our big healthy baby

April 18, 2010

Carolyn is rolling from her back to stomach at night regularly. When I go to get her in her crib she is often in a state of doing push ups. She is holding her head high and very well for quite a while now, especially when there is something interesting like one of her puppies to look at or a toy.  She is napping a few hours in the am and pm still. She is grabbing objects more and is getting more coordinated in her movements. She loves grabbing and pulling all the petals off flowers and blooms. She is as large as the 6 or 9 months old in her playgroups. Everyone is surprised to hear how young she is. She is still not comfortable in the bumbo seat too long. She complains more about being scrunched in the car seat too. Now that she is more interested in her environment we have made it a point to get her out more. She loves to stand up and dislikes sitting or laying down on her back now. Places to go and people to see I guess! Time for her breakfast!


April 16, 2010

Carolyn and I signed up for Gymboree last week. It is about an hour of activities and songs for little ones. It is pretty much just like the Modern Family episode so I think it is hysterical. The place is full of bright nauseating colors. The mascot is a creepy clown called Gymbo. Despite these drawbacks, I think it is very good for her to be in these situations. She can interact with other infants around her age. Most in this group of birth – 6 month babies are around 6 months. It will take me a while to memorize some of the songs. The first time she went she seemed to be totally overwhelmed and went to her “happy place” by staring at me and sucking her fingers nervously. She seemed more comfortable at the second visit. The best parts were when they bring a big mirror to the center of the room and the babies lay on their stomachs at the edge and look at each other. There are bright balls rolled on the surface to keep their interest. The first time she held her head up for awhile and then it came crashing down. She does this for a long time at home with no problem, I guess it is performance anxiety. The second time she held it up for a long time checking out the rest of the group. She also loved the brightly colored parachute being raised and lowered above her and the breeze it creates. Although most of the activities involve disinfected toys there are quite a few parts that freak me out germ-wise. Rolling my daughter on the large rolling toy after all the other drooling babies, yuck! I learned that you should sit very close to the instructor so your child can participate as one of the earliest when it is drier. The best part of Gymboree is that it is 3 minutes from my house and worth the outing to expose her to these social and stimulating situations. No I will not buy a Gymbo doll and yes she smiles at him that is great, but she also smiles at odd things at our house that are far less creepy.  🙂

4 Month Checkup

March 30, 2010

Carolyn got a great report again today at the doctor. She received quite a few more shots and handled it very well again. She is in the 78th percentile for weight at 15 pounds, 60th percentile for height at 24.5 inches, and 94th percentile for head circumference! The doctor was impressed with her motor skills and strength. She recommended to keep applying the magic cream to her skin all over and not just her face and head for the dryness. Because she is doing so well with the bottle she does not recommend rice cereal or any other solids any time soon, maybe not until her 6 month checkup. She said her gums feel pretty solid so she may be working on some early teeth and may be tender at times and perhaps why she cries when about to finish her bottle at the end of day. She smiled at her doctor and was a perfect angel today at lunch. A bit restless at dinner but that is because she wants out of the car seat to be part of the group and social. We are very happy that she is doing so well!

Within Her Grasp

March 28, 2010

Carolyn is really enjoying her playtime and interacting with her world more by reaching and grabbing toys. It is very fun to see her more active and interested in her surroundings. Her playtime is a triad of experiences in the bouncer seat with toys for stimulating her senses and mind, time on her tummy for holding her head up and rolling, and time on her back playing with dangling links and kicking her favorite toy that makes music when she hits it. She loves light up and musical toys like her artificial flowers that make music when she hits them. The Fisher Price musical band toy is so much fun for her. She will bang on the keyboard and symbols. She grabbed the tags on the taggie ball. Today she was rolling from side to side by pulling on the links on her playard. Smart girl. Took a walk with Chobe and Carolyn before the rains today and used her new her carrier which she enjoyed very much. I like the look on her face when we try something new. She looks at me as if to say “WOW.”  Chobe likes to join in her playtimes and it is tough to keep him busy with his toys and not grab her toys.

Carolyn’s First Wedding

March 27, 2010

Carolyn and our family attended the wedding of Cindy and Bjorn Nelson on Thursday night.

It was fun to celebrate with the Moore family and friends who flew in from Texas. The couple was full of great energy and love for each other. Carolyn loved the dancing lights and music and looking at all of the people. She had her first dance with Daddy on the dance floor. The drive to the mountains was a little hard on her for part of the time, however, she slept most of the time, thank goodness. Carolyn got to wear her fancy taffeta dress and matching coat that I found for a few dollars in one of the sales. Her fancy shoe socks with bows coordinated perfectly and completed her outfit. She was great in the ceremony, as soon as the organ cranked up, we gave her the bottle. Blessings to Cindy and Bjorn the couple for continued happiness for many years to come!